Companies have both a direct and indirect impact on their employees, clients, and their communities. This is why VGSL puts its best foot forward when taking care of those who are affected by us in any capacity. We contribute ways to improve the lives of people by creating reputable jobs, technical goods, and services that help meet consumer needs, and more inclusive value chains.


In order to meet our standards, VGSL strives to promote and support equitable, diverse, connected, and democratic communities. We understand that our impact on people as a corporation has many effects and so we develop sustainable models to meet these demands. VGSL strongly prioritizes human rights and conducts fair practices on any given level. We recognize our people as assets and treasure each relationship that we have with our clients, communities, and each other. VGSL has a strong grievance policy to present and settle workplace disputes. We want our staff members not only to feel but to be valued and feel that the work they do matters. VGSL accepts and does not discriminate against people of their age, race, religion, disability, educational and work background, and more. One example of this is shown physically in our offices. VGSL respects and honors those with disabilities. We provide equal opportunity for all backgrounds and pride ourselves on having a diverse team of competent and well-rounded individuals.


Additionally, VGSL believes in supporting the health, wellness, and safety of our people. Therefore, we motivate, train, empower and engage our employees, customers, and contractors in efforts relating to health, safety, and environment. We keep our offices as inclusive as possible. VGSL takes the health of its people very seriously. It has come to the point where our tea and coffee machines are walking distance away to promote increased physical movement around the workplace. VGSL also conducts gap analyses in the workspace to ensure that the performance between information system and software application requirements are successful. We provide superior quality customer service through continuous improvement strategies and conduct our business in a compliant, responsible, safe, and profitable manner.


In terms of the community, VGSL contributes 5% of its profit to Social Voice Foundation. We value community engagement and partake in various projects to help support them. Our non-profit called, Social Voice Foundation, has the great opportunity to feed, clothe, and provide necessities for those who are less fortunate than us. A portion of our proceeds goes straight to the foundation.